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Every day is a brand new day and the every second you breathe becomes past. We all have been careless regarding our body, soul and mind. We regularly eat unhealthy food, undergoes various traumas leading to emotional turmoil and at the end of the day ending our days with a headache which is almost equal to nervous breakdown. The way you behave towards the society and environment can also affect your health and living standards. Below are the “Top 6” daily routines that you are missing and lunging yourself to a miserable end.

  1. Frivolous eating: Skipping breakfast or any of the four meals is the worst you are doing to your body. Your body requires food in almost every two hours but this does not mean that you will lavishly each time you eat. You need to maintain your diet chart and follow it rather making it a nonce. This does not make your voracious however, but someone following basic pattern
  2. Exercising fats: As brushing your teeth is essential because otherwise it will decay your teeth thus exercising is as important as brushing. Your daily routine must must and must have some physical work be it swimming, gyming, aerobics, dance or yoga that could detach fat from your body. It not only helps you get in your shape but also makes your muscles and bones strong.
  3. Adequate sleep: Since you mind is working all the day along and is busy in some or other activity, it is crucial for your brain to take a deep breath which is only possible when you are doing nothing. It is important to sleep at least 6 hours for any human. So think nothing and close your eyes count ten take deep breaths and sleep.
  4. Meditation: The quintessential task that most of us are neglecting continuously. It is difficult in starting to close eyes and concentrate even for 5 minutes. But if you continue to practice, you would start enjoying the peace and satisfaction that you pertain after meditating. It will not only help you in greater concentration but also in positive motivation.
  5. Regular check-ups: Cure is always better then ignore. Never ignore any symptoms you feel related to any disease and feel free to consult a doctor for any health related issues. Even if you are feeling healthy regular eye, teeth and heart check up is must. Start utilizing your Sundays.
  6. Intoxicated Music: It is scientifically proven that people who listens music are good in calculative mathematics, which is a regular need. While brisk walking or after supper walk must, carry your iPods and listen to your favorite tunes and songs with a smile on your face and see the best result on your heath. All the best and change your routines from today!
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