Healthy or Wealthy?

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Considering in our minds the value of money and its essentially to fulfill our basic needs, ignoring money is much out of question. Sometimes it is even more important to us than our health. But the question is- are we developing our thought process in the correct way? Or whether health is important than wealth? (Which is but obvious statement made many scholars.) This blog does not deal in telling you the importance of health but the ways and let’s say the easiest ways to look after your till-the-infinity partner “your body” without letting you acknowledge that you are doing some out-of-the-routine task.

  1. When you go for your grocery or clothes shopping, try holding your all of the bags by yourself, since in that way you are unconsciously doing a cardio exercise that makes your bones stronger and healthier.
  2. Wherever you go avoid using the lifts as much as you can, not just because you are claustrophobic but also because you are health-conscious. Until and unless you are deadly tired or injured or you have some other health related issues then definitely you can use the lifts/elevators.
  3. Maintain a daily routine and try to follow it. Especially for your eating and sleeping habit, make sure that it’s the same time when you went to bed last night and the same when you wake-up.
  4. Practice deep breathing whenever you are over-excited, angry, enthusiast because anything over is bad to your health and that definitely comes with an ill-effect associated with it.
  5. Physical activity is essential for our body in every two hour maximum. So, just make sure that you are not sitting just at same place for hours either eating popcorn or working on your lappy.
  6. Last but not the least quit smoking. We have been warning everyone about the adverse effect that smoking brings to your health. Research shows that smoking causes more major diseases than any other personal habit. Some examples are cancers of the lung, mouth, bladder, and throat; heart and lung disease; and strokes. If you stop smoking, you can help avoid these diseases.
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