Oily Skin? Get Solution Now

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Usually our skins are found to be of four types-normal, dry, oily and sensitive. Oily skin means that amount of fats and lipid levels are high in your skins. Type of skin depends on three basic factors-water, lipid levels and sensitivity. Oily skin is often due to hormonal changes, it is also affiliated to lifestyle. Oily skin are shiny, thick and lifeless, such men and women’s skin have chances to get dark spots under eyes. Pores are generally bigger in size in oily skins and, sebaceous glands are more active that results in transforming skin more oily.

We are listing some factor causing oily skin (reasons of oily skin)-

Menstruation: – During menstruation hormonal changes occurs every month in women’s bodies, that makes sebaceous gland’s more active. During this period more oils start to secret from skin because of Androgen Hormone in the skin those results in blocking of pores of skin.

Stress: – Stress is also growing more oily skin problem as hormonal balance disturbs by taking big data tension. According to a research, cortisol hormones are released that causes the oily skins.

Birth control pills: – Birth control pills are also a reason to your oily skin as it links directly to your lifestyles… If you take berth control pills (Contraceptive) or drugs to enhance sexual potency, it enhances hormonal levels in your body, which causes the skin to be oily.

Heredity: – Heredity is also another reason because research has found that the correlation of oily skin to genes. If your parents have oily skin, you might have posses oily skin because it has been seen that people’ Sebaceous Glands in skin are found to be more active in their children. And there are also several reasons behind this as use of cosmetics, diet, delivery, temperature, humidity etc.

Tips to care Oily skin:-

Cleansing: – Clean the oil and dirt from pores of face Cleanser. Then wash your face with light lukewarm water. Wash your face two to three times a day. Scrub your face twice a week; this makes pores clean to breathe your skin.

Toning: – Your second step should be facing toning. Use face toner so that pores of skin reach closer toprevent dirt from getting enter to these pores and blocking them. Rose water can also be used.

Moisturizers: – Oily skin doesn’t mean that you don’t have to use moisturizer on it. Water base moisturizer can be used as moisturizers.

Face mask:-Applying face mask removes dead skin of the face and make and face bloomed. It is better to use home made face mask than market product, for example- face mask of domestic things like lemon, egg, milk, papaya prepared face mask.

Eat Healthy Food: – Don’t eat too much food containing oils and fat. Eat green vegetables. Take green tea, juice and water in liquid diet

And there are also several smart tips-

  • Mix equal amount of Multan mud, sandalwood powder and Neem powder with gulabjal and apply it on face twice a week. Wash it after twenty minutes.
  • Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water per day. Eat chili spices and fast food etnas less you can. Eat AMLA at morning with empty stomach.
  • Don’t forget to apply lip balm on you lip, no matter how much warm the day is.
  • It’s better not to apply powder on your face
  • If face is oily don’t forget to remove dirt from your face.
  • Use light eye shadow. Select a shade that matches your skin tone.
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