Reduce wrinkles: Stay young

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As we grow, our skin loses its elasticity, moisture and beauty, consequently leads to wrinkles with ageing. Though so much treatments are available and many prescription chemical peels, Botox and creams in market. But as prevention is always better, it is always a best option to protect it as it is by having some basic things in habit. Same things are here for you, in order to help you in this situation

Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on your side leads to increase the chances of  wrinkles on chin and cheeks, and sleeping face down to furrowed brow on face. So sleepingon back side is the ultimate way to cut down on new wrinkles.

Eat Fish Like Salmon

Proteins are one of the important factors among the building block of good skin. And for protein, Salmon (along with other child water fish) is rich source of protein and omega- 3 fatty acids. As experts say these essential fatty acids nourish our skin to build its shine and keep it plump and youthful, and help to minimize skin wrinkles.

Don’t Squint

Avoid making out same expression over and over, like squinting overworks facial muscles, thus form a grove beneath skin surface. And over time, these groove turns to wrinkles. Don’t force load on your eyes, use reading glass if you need. Wearing reading glass reduces pressure on eyes and help to keep them wide. And glasses also help to protect skin around eyes from sun damage.

Avoid Over Washing

Wash your face butdon’t do it too much. As this strips out moisture and natural oil from skin that protect against wrinkles. Washing your face again and again means your are washing away its protection. Prefer soap containing moisturizer, if not available then gel or facial cleanser.

Vitamin C

According to some research in this field,  creams with vitamin C can be helpful in raising collagen production, which protect our skin from damage caused via  against UVA and UVB rays, and thus helps to reduce dark spot and reduces redness. Use any skin product with rich constituents of vitamin C, that can be the best for wrinkle relief.

Cocoa for Skin

Cocoa is a good factor for skin treatment. Cocoa with high levels of antioxidants (epicatechin and catechin) protect skin from sun damage, and improve blood flow to skin. Dark chocolates have good amount of cocoa.
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