The Gym Starter 101

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Did your New Year resolution include a fitness regime that you couldn’t make good of until now? Its March already and it’s time to get up! Going to the gym for the first time can be a scary experience with all the people and equipments. That is why I am here to help you to give a dose of tough love and some gym tips for you to feel comfortable and determined to make use of that gym membership and to help you get started down the right path!

Know what to bring

For the new-comers, it’s better to have everything you need to have a kick-ass first day at the gym! A lock for you bag, lots and lots of water, shower essentials along with your towel and clothes ( double check for you undies everyone) and flip flops (because if you slip the first day while in the shower, you’ll spending more time in the hospital, and less in the gym). Also, some people like to bring their own Walkman’s, iPod’s, etc and plug them in with their headphones to get in the zone.

Dress appropriately

The standard gym wear is comfy clothes which helps you move your body easily. They may be leggings or shorts, baggy shirts of the super-fit athlete clothes whichever make you feel comfortable and actually makes you look like you’ve come to work out in a gym because don’t you just want to fit in?!

What to do next

The next step is to make a beeline to the fitness machines. These machines can be downright intimidating if you are a gym virgin. If you don’t know how to operate any machine call the Incharge or the trainers in the gym. That’s better than calling attention to yourself by using the machines incorrectly or heaven forbid, break them. Once you’re ready to brave the gym, I recommend heading for the cardio machines to warm up. If you feel confident enough to work with the nautilus machine or free weights after your cardio, go for it but if you have never used any fitness equipment before I strongly recommend scheduling a few sessions with a trainer first because it’s very easy to hurt yourself and we don’t want that.

Find the best time to work out

What’s the best time to work out?  That all depends on your work hours, rush hours at the gym etc. it is highly recommended to work out in the morning before you go to work. At this time of the day, your body is energized from the good night’s sleep and is pumping adrenaline.

Go along with a Friend

If you’re scared to go alone through the gates of that gym, who’s a better companion than a friend? This way you can book sessions together and try new things together. Better yet, if you have a buddy who is a gym freak you can ask him/her to show you around and recommend the best gym and workout regimes.

Remember one things people, you may make mistakes, you may fall but if you keep trying you’ll definitely succeed and conquer the gym!

Hope you all achieve your fitness goals this year. Best wishes!
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