The Right way to enjoy your potatos..!!

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Here we are to tell you what is the healthiest way to eat potatoes! We all know potatoes in the form of fries and burger patties etc but is it the healthy way to eat them?
To know that first we’re going to read about some basic things that you must know about the vegetable in every single person’s kitchen!
We all know that potatoes in any form; boiled, steamed, roasted, mashed, baked, fried or placed in salads, with or without peel; is the humble super-star of the comfort food party. They are one of the important staple food and the no. 1 vegetable crop in the world. They have a high water and starch content.
Potatoes belong to the nightshade or Solanaceae family and are harvested and available all year long.
They are one of the most delicious food source consumed all around the world but unfortunately, most of the general populous eats them in the form of greasy fries or chips or even baked potatoes loaded with cream-cheese, sour cream, butter etc which are just contributors for a potential heart attack and other cardiovascular problems.
Potatoes are packed with various nutrients and minerals such as vitamin B6 , potassium, copper, pantothenic acid, niacin, phosphorus vitamin C, manganese dietary fiber, and many more.
To gain all these nutrients without hurting your body, here are some healthy potato dishes for you to have your potato fix :
Healthy Potato Dishes:-

Oven baked garlic fries:
download (1)

Grilled potato packets:
download (2)

Mashed potato skins:

download (5)

Roast fingerlings with lemon:                                                          

download (6)








Leposa (Lebanese potato salad):

download (3)








Roasted potatoes and green beans:

download (4)








So, now that you know about the many healthy dishes that you can make with potatoes, what are you waiting for???
Try the dish you liked the most and don’t even worry about calories because these dishes are healthy and delicious.
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