The Ultimate Eyeliner Style Guide

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There’s so much you can do with this one magical tool; The Eyeliner! Eyeliners are like vital must haves for the people who like getting ready and it can make you look that cute girl on the beach along with that hot babe in the club!

You can go and use it however you can learn the old classics, you can try out the runways looks or you can definitely go with your instinct and do it however it looks good on you! Believe me, every person does their own version of eyeliner even if it’s one of the most popular style. It all depends on how you use your hands and tools.

Eyeliners come in various varieties like pencils, gel liner, eye shadow, liquid liner etc and you can choose whichever makes you feel comfortable while using and there you go!

Here are some of the most popular and gorgeous eyeliner looks that you can try out –

The Simple Soft Line

The Ultimate Eyeliner Style Guide

If you don’t want to make it obvious about the makeup around your eyes, you can always go for the minimal soft liner look.






The Classic

2Have a date tonight or that interview you’ve been dreading about? I am sure a little beauty confidence is going to help lessen that anxiety a notch. The classic eyeliner is perfect for any and every occasion and time.



The Dramatic Look

3To get that hot dramatic look all you need is a gel liner and your eyeliner brush and you’re good to have a rocking night!




The Double Winged Eyeliner

4Being the new trend, this eyeliner trick can take you places! Its easy, its different and for a bolder look you can just use some blue eyeshadow along your lower lash line and around the tail.



The Daily-Wear Look

5To create the daily-wear look, just take your eyeliner pen and trace your upper lash line giving it a tiny tail along the end and use your kohl stick to shade out your waterline just till the middle and Voila!




The Egyptian Curve

7Isn’t it true, old is gold? And this traditional style is perfect to look your gorgeous self anywhere you want. Its different and bold and not to mention easy 😀





The Feline Eyeliner

Lo8ok how Kendall Jenner is rocking that simple and sleek feline eyeliner! It’s easy and all you have to do is extend the tail of your classic winged eyeliner to give it a feline touch and there you go!





The Smoky-Eyed Liner Look

Want to8 go Bold for your night out? Try the smoky look which is in all year long! Dip your eyeliner brush in your black eyeshadow and smudge it up around you lashlines.





The Lower Lashline Highlighter


To wear this 9simple, sultry style line your bottom waterline with turquoise pencil liner, and let it spill over onto the lower lashline. Then, run brown eyeshadow to give you eyes a sexy, I-slept-out-last-night look.
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