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Art of Hair And Makeup - Janak Puri
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  • There are just as many ways of enhancing beauty as there are people seeking it. What’s important is to know what works best for you!!! And the best way to find out is with the team from Art of Hair & Makeup.

    Each one of us is beautiful!!! It’s the way we choose to define our beauty that makes all the difference. A little bit of dark kohl around the eyes may do the trick for you or just a hint of smoke on the eye lids. All gloss, no color could be your pick but lusciously red lips may work for you too.

    As young ladies, the team at Art of Hair & Makeup understands what real women want, to look and feel good. They know that what works on models for the ramp must be translated differently for the real life makeup. Constantly innovating, the team goes beyond trends and techniques to offer each client something unique and special.


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