Castor oil wonders on Eye lashes

Castor oil wonders on Eye lashes

The rings that the hair on your eyes make, gives you a matchless image and that is why women crave for those classic eyelashes which they can flaunt. But every woman cannot be the bearer of long eyelashes, you acquire this trait due to genetic reasons. Every time putting up the imitation is not easy either neither feasible. So why not grow your eye lashes longer naturally.

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which works as a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.  It keeps fungus or bacteria away from hindering hair growth. The low viscosity of the oil makes it bind hair and prevent hair loss. The high fat content nourishes hair follicles, make them strong and prevent fall out. Penetrating deep into the skin it helps in new growth, also increases volume.

It can be used on your scalp too, to make hair glossy. Do not overdo it, it will make your hair greesy. Also it is easy to get and will suit you economically as well. Regular application of castor oil will remove scars from your skin and make it lustrous.

How it works:

Get a bottle of castor oil, but do not choose the one that is used in industries, it has different contents and will not benefit you. Use this remedy before going to bed so that castor oil works all night. During the day if you apply oil, the dust particles in the atmosphere will stick to irritate your eyes; also it doesn’t look good either.

Before going to bed, wash your eyes thoroughly; remove any mascara or liner that you had applied in the day. Take a clean mascara brush, dip it in castor oil and apply it on your eye lashes from the corner. Coat the lashes completely, root to tip and remove if any extra oil drips. Take a good night sleep.

Repeat this every day for about a month and you will notice hilarious results.

You can add glycerin and egg white to castor oil but in very small amount and apply it to your eyelashes. It will give you glossy effects on eye lashes.

Castor oil perks up hair content on your eye brows and scalp also. For eye brows, use a brush to coat them with castor oil before going to bed at night. Boost hair volume on scalp by applying it like your regular hair oil for some time and notice eye opening results. When the harsh winters scratch your lips, any petroleum gel is not fixing them up, try a hand at castor oil, your lips will get glossy and smooth.

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