Choose your Beverage Carefully

Choose your Beverage Carefully

Choose your Beverage carefully

The fizzy sound of the can when you pull it off, makes you crave for the liquor inside and get rid of the fatigue that has occurred to you in the day. Also, the breeding marketing industry and the dramatic advertisements where your energy drink works like the fuel to your car’s engine gives you enough reasons to take it as and when you feel low.

Energy drinks pull your nerves up by the caffeine present in it. They sustain mental process, protect heart and reduces fatigue. ‘It gives you wings’ says the commercial of one of those, to describe its need well.

If you haven’t tried them yet, you might be thinking of buying this while your next visit to your office or to your gym and making it not a visit but a flight. but you need to choose a healthy beverage hence look at the pros and cons of both.

Before choosing an energy drink as your beverage, make sure you have a strong heart. Excessive intake of energy drinks can lead to cardiac arrest. They cause forced heart contractions. The caffeine in your drink has made you addict to it.

Frequent intakes of energy drinks will lead to headaches and migraines.

If ever you feel that you are not sleepy even after having a heavy day. Recall if you had an energy drink that day. The caffeine might not be letting you sleep, and you are suffering from insomnia. You might stay agitated a number of times in the day.

Also you might incur Par aesthesia that is tingling or numbing of the skin, Respiratory disorders or dizziness.

Consuming energy drink with alcohol is quite in. But it is highly criticized by the health industry. It can lead to serious disorders and a risky behaviour. You might break rules and get into a legal trouble. Feeling nausea, jittery and nervous and other such behaviours are noticed among people.

The World Health Organization (WHO) released a warning letter regarding the dangers pertaining to energy drinks, especially as it is found that 68% of adolescents consume them. Certain guidelines are specified by WHO regarding their manufacturing.

To get rid of it, moderation is the key. If you are addicted to energy drink, reduce its intake slowly and steadily. You are not addicted to the fizz, you are addicted to the caffeine. For that matter, try out tea, coffee which can fulfill your need of caffeine for the day and lessen down the fatigue, also they are not harmful.

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