In and Out of a Sunscreen

In and Out of a Sunscreen

The screeching summers are on the tops screwing you up, the UV rays have all the plans to give a sunburn this time. Your sunscreen is not working your way and you are planning to see some skin expert or change your sunscreen, then wait a second, you might not be using it correctly.

A sunscreen lotion protects you from the ultra-violet rays(UV rays) of the sun

Just check out below mentioned steps, these might be the reasons that can help you decide what to do with your sunscreen.

  • Choose an SPF number in 20-30. It is sufficient for the kind of summers we have in a country with moderate weather. Apply it thoroughly to the exposed parts of your body before going out. If you are not coating your skin completely you would not be protected.
  • It is generally asked that, do we need to repeat the sunscreen after a few hours?
  • Apply a sufficient amount of it. Coat your skin well. Unless you apply a sufficient quantity of it, you don’t require repeating. If you use it miserly, it will not keep you that safe from UV rays.
  • If you perspire a lot, or swim frequently then apply it at the end of the activity every time. If you switch to water resistant sunscreens, do not rely completely, ‘words speak louder than actions’. They will protect you for a few minutes but not more than that.
  • Sunscreen should be applied at the end of your makeup routine. Anything applied over your sunscreen will make it less worthy, it won’t protect your skin to its utmost extent. Sunscreens have a moisturizing base, so you can skip applying moisturizer underneath.
  • Synthetic sunscreen require sometime to settle on your skin. Apply them 15- 20 minutes before going in the sun, allow them situate and provide required protection.
  • Mineral sunscreens provide immediate sun protection, you can reach out to the sun as and when you apply. Using them for hands will be make it easy to handle as you don’t need to wait for anything and you can start working in the sun.
  • If you think a sunscreen will ruin the effect of makeup, then mix up a little bit of moisturiser and foundation with the sunscreen and apply it like a base. Do not rely on makeup itself for your sun protection.
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