Remove Dark Shadows

Remove Dark Shadows

People have been beating the drum of dark circles since ages, but there dark shadows under the eyes have never left you at peace. Although makeup and face clean has fetched you a clear skin but having it done every now and then is neither feasible nor advised. Moving to some green ways can help you catch the Dragon in the cave.

Almond oil- vitamin e in the almond oil works as dullness remover. It nourishes the skin giving it a luster. Apply almond oil at night before sleeping and wash it off in the morning. You will see the shades under the disappear in a few days after using it regularly.

Orange juice- prepare a sol of Orange juice and glycerin. Apply this with cotton balls under the eye. Let it work for fifteen minutes and then remove.

The pillow remedy- if you suffer from vascular issues then only you should try this remedy. If done otherwise can give you cervical problems. For the vascular patients, if the blood flows to your head is high such that blood gets clogged under the eyes during night then take two pillows under the head to avoid this.

Rose water- soaks cotton balls in rose water and place it on the eye for a few minutes to half an hour. It gives you a soothing effect, releases tension.

Potatoes- grate a potato and extract its juice, apply it on the dark areas around the eyes. After leaving it for a few minutes, wash it away. Another way to use potato is by cutting it in slices and rubbing on the eyes.

Cucumber- cut it in slices and place it in the refrigerator to freeze, then place them on the eyes for a few minutes.

Tomato wonder- Tomato is a bleaching agent. Grate tomato to get its juice, mix it with a few drops of lemon and apply. If your skin is dry then this mixture might etch you, then the remedy is not for you. as and when it hurts remove it. Another way, prepare a mix of lemon juice, with tomato juice, some besan and turmeric. Apply it like a face pack.

Chill the green tea- soak green tea in water, freeze the water and also the tea bag, place this bag on your eyes for 10 15 minutes and chill.

Milk- the elixir for the world is at your rescue for dark circles as well. Take cold milk to apply on the Dark highlights under your eyes.

Meditation- Dark circles mainly occur due to stress. Try some yogic exercises which help you control your mind in one direction and releases tension.

Lemon- it contains vitamin c, the acid, which scrub the darkness from the skin. Apply lemon juice in raw form under the eyes and wash it off. Wait this remedy is not for those with sensitive skin.


All these remedies show their effect only when practiced regularly.

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