Why steroids ? 2

Why steroids ? 2

If you read the previous article with the best of you then this one is a must read. Every coin has two sides, pros and cons lie for everything around, nothing can be all good. I am no philosopher, giving you theories on life, but yes one should adopt something only by looking into the good and bad both.

If you are too skinny, being a guy you possess feminine features. You completely detest this thing in you, take it as a weakness, something that you lack and just want to get rid of it. Then Your gym trainer out have given you an easy way to get it, which steroids.

BUT, Studies AND expertise say that steroids do more bad than good.

 What is the harm?

The testosterone in steroids damages reproduction system. It reduces sperm count, affects the ovaries women, damages gonads.

Big time changes in your behavior your mood. Taking steroids makes you look more of a man but makes your of an 'angry young man'. You become aggressive, people will point to you with a statement 'anger stays on your nose', you will experience heavy mood swings. You will get in rage very often. A higher degree of it is called paranoia. In a few cases, hallucinations are also Pointed by some as one of the bad effects.

For your organs. your closest friends, It is an enemy. Kidney and heart are affected the most. steroids work on muscles and in a way swell them up. For your information, heart is a muscle too, it also gets swollen. Strokes, heart attacks, blood clots. Rest you Know the worth of heart.

You must know this if you are consuming them for you to become 'a man'. Like don't take it otherwise, I mean if you to look feminine and want to look like a man. Then, this stuff can turn you on a different road too. It might make you look more feminine. Growth of breast is a common problem seen by many.

For women, taking steroids sometimes leads to shrunken breasts, increased facial and body hair. Your sweet voice will also turn heavy.

Depression is also seen as a side effect. Stunted bone growth and muscle tremors.

If you are in love with your hair, then beware taking steroids, they might make you bald.

Everything else can be compromised but nothing can be compromised for you face. Steroids might get you severe acne.

Cholesterol levels shoot up at times. High Blood pressure is another syndrome.

Other than this you might feel like you are superhuman. THE SUPERMAN. THE INVINCIBLE

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