Why Steroids?

Why Steroids?

You must have been awed by the physique of the hot actors, their greasy biceps, the awesomeness of their built, and their voice. Going to a gym is as important as talking to your girlfriend. And you have been looking up to get that metro sexual look to impress the women around you, and you just can't be that patient enough to work out with those 'transformers' inspired machines and are looking into other means to get it done soon. Hence you are reading about steroids.

Well, I am not a gym trainer, neither have I used steroids ever and personally, would never like to do it. But here I tell you what all benefits steroids can get you.

Steroids are basically Mimics of sex hormone testosterone. Testosterone is present in males as well as females which is responsible for the physique, muscle build up and other masculine features.

Apparently, what steroids do is, they imitate the male hormone testosterone naturally present in your body. By which, it creates masculine effect in the person consuming it. Taken in varied forms sometimes as a tablet or capsule or may be injected into the body.

Steroids give anabolic and androgen effects. And of course you reading this to do any pharmacy course, you wish to know the real world effects of this stuff. The 'anabolic' thing works to make bones denser and grows the muscle. If you have Torn a muscle and you taking medicines, then have a look at them, they might be steroids. But better not take them without the advice from a doc.

The 'androgen' part works to make you look a man. The masculine features like your facial hair, the density of your voice is what from it.

If you are suffering from osteoporosis then your prescription bases over steroids. At times to cure asthma too.

What all do you get?

Well, a lot. The weights in your gym which you looked at with awe and never thought that you could lift them, now you will be able to, after taking steroids. Taking steroids will soften your muscle tissue, it repairs any muscle damage.

It reduces fat and puts you into shape. You must have heard about your favorite cricketers taking steroids, if they do they take it to improve their performance. It makes yum look smart, robust and someone to rely on for safety, not like a body guard, the intent is that you look imposing.

It prevents swelling in the organs, but not to be taken without doctor's prescription for the same.

If your looks are feminine, people think you are girly and you don't like that, then taking steroids would help you. It works on getting you some more pubic and facial hair, gives you a deep, heavy voice to impose.

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