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iFitness- Green Park

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L- 1, Third Floor, Green Park Extension, New Delhi
7:00 AM - 10:00 PM    Closed See more
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Whenever you think of a challenge in sport which you wish to overcome the first thing you have to do is to resolve to start achieving your training and fitness target.  The effort of achieving your target becomes greater as you go further in achieving and sustaining your target weight, stamina level, speed and agility. For this reason it is of paramount importance that you communicate regularly with a professional personal trainer in the sport in which you want to compete.

With Ifitness you can communicate with a trainer who specialises in the sport  in which you want to compete.

We give you the opportunity to achieve your target with  the necessary backup.  Firstly we identify your specific needs and then we link you to a Springbok Trainer who specialises in your sport.  The trainer has obtained the necessary experience by already achieving in the sport in which you are competing .

You then get an exercise programme compiled by the fitness and sport coach in accordance with your specific needs and physical attributes which will enable you to achieve your set targets. However, it does not end there.  Your personalSpringbok Trainer will monitor you and will provide you personally with the necessary feedback and input on a weekly basis.

Using our special communications system your weight, pulse and speed will be monitored and evaluated to see whether any further assistance has to be provided to you. This information will be given to you through graphs and charts which can be monitored by yourself and your trainer on a daily basis.

Through these graphs you will be able to see what progress you are making and the trainer will be able to point out any shortcomings that need to be rectified. Further information can also be provided, eg diet, information regarding your sport, events and much more.

So, you are not alone any longer.  Enjoy your exercise and may you achieve all your goals.



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