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  • Revital Mantra represents a breakthrough in Beauty Services, being more Efficient, Cost Effective and very Personal. Beauty is the most Priced Possession.. We preserve it for you! We have an unending concern for our customers when it comes to skin and beauty because you deserve the best. We have a variety of regular services for you and your family like our Exotic range of Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, Haircuts & Massages etc.


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    Hi everyone , I too had a horrible exp with Revital Mantra NOIDA brach, i converted my gym membership to beauty services as i ws not able to continue with it. I took d appointment one week before on d day i had to wait for almost an hour for waxing. I gave dem a suggestion that lets to d other services next week dey denied. As they were busy servicing there regular clients the facial that ws to be done worth Rs 1500 ws done by the weight loss therapist and the lady who give body massages as a consequence it ws pathetic dey didnt know the steps,d gurl dont know wht amount of bleach is to be mix n applied ,no back massage , blackheads was nt removed i dont know wht i ws doing in a clumsy room with no AC , sombdy ws doing clean up somone else did so call facial.ALso the cream which dey applied gave a burning sensation i complained dey applied different cream dis tym .I gave my feedback dere only to which dey had no answers, i shared d sam thing with the gurl who is in beauty services she replied if I am satisfied with the service she wud redo it somtime later 10 /15 days thinking i will gt another facial i left d place, dey r nt doing it for free i hav paid for it dey made me feel that dey r just clearing som sort of liability from dere heads. whn i called after 10 days for the facial appointment HEMA who manages the centre bluntly refused it that dey wont redo it also its my piont of view . I told her its my experience and feedback abt dere services . she said someone from the beauty services wud hv done my opinion wud hv been same.... dis is bizaaree n ht of anything . dey r jst concern abt d money and nt d services . the center is worse whn it comes to client habdling and management. earlier also in 2014 whn i gone dere for the gym conversion dey faked d price of spa n body massage n told me dey hv revised d rates d price list has still nt com from printing with revised rates . still i went dere i regret it now.i dont suggest ddis place for anything .Also dey tool different price for gym from its different members ....absurd place.


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