5 Things to Abandon if You Apply Makeup

5 Things to Abandon if You Apply Makeup

5 Things you Should Abandon if you Apply Makeup

The peppy look that a stroke a brush might give to our eyes is commendable and a little of foundation what changes in us never goes unnoticeable. Be it a ball party, a wedding function, a disco night or as little as a school farewell for a teenager, makeup is necessary as well as unavoidable.

But a coin has two sides. There is always a darker and a brighter side for anything and everything in this world. It applies to makeup as well, if you are into it, just have a look at the other side as well.

  1. You must have read ‘Excess of everything is bad’, so is with cosmetics. Wearing full makeup everyday isn’t suggested. Try avoiding the eye design every day. A complete look requires applying Foundation, lipstick, blush, eyebrow shapers, mascara and much more. You need not wear them every day, a simple yet subtle look is what you should take up for your daily routine. A little of lipstick and liner would do for you daily routine.
  2. Sleeping with makeup on. This is quite a big mistake that we do very often. You must be tired and sleepy after that long exhausting day. As and when you reach home all you do is jump on your bed to sleep. No, you must not do this, a habit like this will make you cry later. It is damaging for your skin and eyes as Makeup and the grime on our skin bung up skin pores which will cause acne, the residues may sink itself in our eyes and cause infections.
  3. Use moisturizers cautiously around the eyes, do not overdo. A lot of moisturizer will invite foundations into the little wrinkles or lines over your skin. Use light cosmetics during the day. If your skin is a lot dry use a moisturiser at night before you sleep.
  4. It is hard in this busy routine to find time to clean the makeup brushes when you might have a complete room to clean in front of you. It also might seem unimportant but you will be suffering later. Makeup brushes catch bacteria, of course they will you don’t keep them in vacuum containers. This will in turn skin infections or dryness. Also, if your brushes will contain makeup of your previous party eye shadow, it will certainly give you a tainted look.
  5. You have a cosmetic but it has gone out of date, but you don’t want to get away from it. It might be your favorite shade or might have cost of a big fraction your salary, you must abandon it. That product might have given an exotic look but using it even after expiry will make you catch skin infections, diseases. A cosmetic might not be worth your skin.
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